Like most businesses, we get online reviews. We love hearing from our patients about their experience working with us, and discovering new ways to help them improve their lives through better hearing.

Over the years, we’ve developed several areas of practice where we take specific pride. Instead of telling you about them, we thought we’d let our customers tell you themselves.


Helping Our Patients Enjoy Life

One of the most devastating things about hearing loss is how it impacts your ability to enjoy things you love, such as music and theatre. We help our patients regain their ability to enjoy the activities they love.

“I was trying to help a California patient while he was visiting family in New York. He was going to see a play with his niece and realized the theater he was going to had a hearing loop system. He contacted me to find out if he had this setting in his hearing aids. He did no t– yet. I looked on a hearing aid manufacturer site and found Dr. Kathy Feng who was very helpful to make this change in this man’s hearing aids so he could hear better when he saw the play. What a wonderful audiologist to help someone traveling to enjoy life better! Thank you so very much, Dr. Kathy!”

 – Patrice R.

Working with People From All Over the World

Located right on Mott Street in bustling Chinatown, we treat patients from one of Manhattan’s most diverse neighborhoods. We also welcome patients from all over New York — and the world.

Dr. Kathy is a gem! I took my aunt (who is visiting from the Philippines) to see her for a hearing aid consultation. My aunt is extremely hard of hearing and unfortunately the hearing aid she purchased in the Philippines 2 years ago was no longer working. Kathy was able to squeeze us in for an appointment ASAP since we were on a time constraint. She gave my aunt a thorough hearing evaluation and was able to send her home with a pair of hearing aids that same day since she wanted my aunt to give them a trial while she was still with us here in the states. Just returned from our follow up visit with Kathy today and everything was working wonderfully. Kathy has one VERY satisfied and happy customer!”

– Hope M.

Helping our Patients Succeed at Work

Many of our customers are musicians, producers, and others whose hearing is integral to their profession. We help them restore their hearing to a professional level.

“I’m a media producer. I’d been putting off the inevitable need for aids. But I decided not to wait any longer after reading a recent article in the NY Times talking about the isolation and depression that can come from even moderate hearing loss. When we looked at my levels and types of hearing loss, Dr. Kathy suggested a very well-respected brand’s upper mid-level model. She explained what its features could do for me. And when I asked about a somewhat less pricey model, she immediately told me about it, made the comparison and fully agreed that it was a much better bang for my buck. Thanks, Dr. Kathy, for your integrity.”

– Michael F.

Treating the Whole Patient

At New York Hearing Center, we specialize in finding the right solution for all of our patients — taking aesthetics, lifestyle, and medical needs into account.

“Kathy and Winnie Feng are incredibly nice and take the time to listen to your concerns. They will never push a specific brand or style if it is not best for you. They have weekend hours, which is both rare and hugely convenient for anybody that works. Lastly, but arguably most importantly of all, they are technically excellent. Kathy fit me for a new set of hearing aids that, after a few tweaks based upon my feedback, far exceed anything I have used previously. I am currently in my early-30s and have been struggling with hearing loss since I was a teenager. With the help of New York Hearing Center, I am finally discovering that I can overcome my limitations and live a fuller life, personally and professionally.  Thank you!”

– Mark S.

Work With the Best Audiologist in Manhattan

Concerned about hearing loss? Dr. Kathy Feng can help you get treatment to improve your hearing and resume a normal life.

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Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng is a NY State licensed Doctor of Audiology with over 10 years of experience working with patients of all ages. Part of her inspiration came from watching her grandmother struggle with hearing loss during her golden years.