There are plenty of audiologists in Brooklyn. How do you pick the right one for you?

It’s not a trivial question. The audiologist you pick can be as crucial to improving your hearing as the hearing aid you choose.

Audiology may be an exact science, but choosing the right hearing aid for a patient is also an art.

Your audiologist needs to really “get you.” The right one will put the effort in to understand your lifestyle – not just the type of hearing loss you  have – to recommend a hearing aid you’ll wear and even love.

“Mom has been procrastinating getting new hearing aides for years and her usual audiologist retired. The audiologist at our hospital network has a two-month wait for an appointment. We tried a local ENT who had in-house audiologists but Mom was not comfortable with them. I searched online reviews and stumbled across Dr. Feng and went to her Brooklyn office. We both love her. There was little to no wait time. The front desk is courteous and helpful. Dr. Feng is extremely easy to talk to. She explained everything and is very patient. Dr. Feng chose the perfect set for Mom and Mom loves her new hearing aides. Her quality of life has already improved. My fiance’s mom is now also going to Dr. Feng as well.” – Karen N.

Here are a few actions to take when choosing an audiologist:

  • Ask for a referral
  • Check your insurance coverage
  • Read patient reviews
  • Trust your gut

Let’s take a look at each one.

Ask for a Referral

If you know someone who has been to an audiologist, it’s definitely wise to ask for a referral.

Some people are open about their hearing loss and willing to talk about it. However, there’s still stigma surrounding it and you may not know that someone in your life has experienced hearing loss.

If you’re not sure if you know anyone with hearing loss, you have some options. Here are a few places to look for referrals:

You can also get recommendations from the ear, nose, and throat or audiology department at your local hospital or medical center.

“My 92 years old father purchased a hearing aid from the NY Hearing Center and subsequently damaged it when he dropped it in water. Dr. Feng spoke with the vendor to extend the warranty on the device, sent it off for repair, and left it with her highly competent staff when the repair was completed for me to pick up at my convenience. What excellent service!” – Adam K. 

Check Your Insurance

Before you choose an audiologist, you’ll need to ask your health insurance provider some questions about your plan. These include:

  • Are hearing aids covered under my plan?
  • How about diagnostic hearing tests?
  • Do I need a referral to see an audiologist?
  • Which audiologists in my area take my insurance?

Most insurance companies will provide an online directory of audiologists who accept their coverage and that’s another place to get referrals.

“My grandmother is a patient at New York Hearing Center and I have been nothing but pleased with their service. Everyone is polite, helpful, and accommodating. We haven’t had long wait times and the staff is very knowledgeable. My grandmother went from hearing almost nothing to being able to participate in conversations again. Highly recommended.” – Lauren M.

Read Online Patient Reviews

Most audiology clinics have online reviews on a variety of platforms including Yelp, Zocdoc, and a variety of clinic directories. Check out what people are saying in terms of results, customer service, expertise, convenience, and other issues that are important to you.

Another great place to look for audiologist reviews is a platform like Facebook or LinkedIn. Most businesses, including audiology clinics, have pages on various social media platforms where people can leave comments, reviews, and recommendations. Individual audiologists may have profiles on LinkedIn that include recommendations from current and former patients and colleagues as well.

“Dr. Kathy Feng is a wonderful, informative and patient audiologist. My father initially got his first hearing aid from Dr. Winnie Feng, who was also great. We’ve been to several audiologists and were not completely satisfied with our experiences enough to make a purchase. Both Dr. Winnie Feng and Dr. Kathy Feng tested my father to see what type of hearing aid best fits him. We started by purchasing one hearing aid for one side to see how it worked. Even since my father had the initial hearing aid, he’s been able to hear much better and we were so satisfied that we decided to go for the other side of the hearing aid to make a complete set for both sides of my father’s ear. Now, my father can listen to many things much better than the past. I am highly satisfied with Dr. Kathy Feng’s care who has from time to time showed compassionate interest in healing her patients. I would definitely recommend her in the future to anyone that is interested in purchasing a hearing aid.” – Jenny L.

Some places to look for online reviews include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Yelp
  • ZocDoc

Trust Your Gut

Once you’ve narrowed down the search, schedule a visit with an audiologist.

You may click with the first audiologist you meet, but you may have to try a few before finding the one that’s right for you.

There are certain things to consider when deciding if an audiologist is the right fit:

  • Does the audiologist take time to answer all my questions?
  • Do I feel rushed?
  • Do I understand their explanations?
  • Is it easy to schedule appointments?
  • Do I feel confident the audiologist understands my concerns?

Finding the right hearing loss solution for a patient can be as much an art as a science and two people with the exact same hearing loss might need very different hearing aids, based on differences in their priorities and lifestyles.

“I had the privilege of dealing with Drs. Kathy Feng and Winnie Feng. Utmost professional and personable. My father and mother are quite satisfied their hearing aids and I would highly recommend New York Hearing Center.” – Della L.

Because of this, here are a few additional things to pay attention to in the exam room:

Note the questions they ask. Your audiologist should try to find the right hearing aid for you—not just your hearing loss. Some questions they should ask include:

  • What environments do you have the most trouble hearing in?
  • How do you feel about wearing hearing aids?
  • What things would you like to hear better?
  • Does your hearing affect your work or social life? How so?

Pay attention to how you feel. You should feel totally comfortable asking questions and be satisfied with the answers. And you shouldn’t feel rushed in the exam room.

Most audiologists will administer a hearing test at the beginning of your first visit. Your audiologist should thoroughly explain the results of your hearing test, so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. It’s also a good idea to get a copy of your results.

Consider their ongoing customer service. You’ll likely visit your audiologist multiple times after your fitting. Is it easy and convenient to schedule appointments with them? Do their office hours work for your schedule? Are they making new recommendations based on the most current technology available?

Is their customer service good, and do you feel comfortable expressing your ongoing questions and concerns about your hearing aid?

Be sure they’re taking your life into account. The most important thing is to find an audiologist who considers your needs, personal preferences, and budget when making recommendations for hearing aids and other treatment options.

Finding the right audiologist can make a big difference in getting the hearing loss treatment that’s right for you. Take time to ask for referrals, check out online resources and reviews, and definitely trust your gut when you’re meeting with an audiologist for the first time. Hopefully this will lead you to the right person.

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Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng is a NY State licensed Doctor of Audiology with over 10 years of experience working with patients of all ages. Part of her inspiration came from watching her grandmother struggle with hearing loss during her golden years.