In-ear monitors are custom-molded devices that allow professional musicians to hear the music as the audience hears it, while protecting their ears from loud and potentially damaging amplification systems.  They also provide a very precise custom mix of vocals and instrumentals based on the musician’s preference.

In-ear monitors aren’t just for professional musicians, though. They’re also used by audio engineers, on-camera talent, and even music lovers who want the best listening experience possible.

For best results, in-ear monitors are typically custom-fitted to the user’s ear canal. This is necessary to ensure the highest level of comfort, noise reduction, and invisibility, as these devices are often used in performance.

In-ear monitors are crafted based on an impression of your ear made from a silicon mold. It’s crucial to get the help of a professional in making this mold, as fit is so important in ensuring the device’s effectiveness.

We have extensive experience making impressions for high-end custom in-ear monitors used by professional musicians and audio engineers. We can make these in the office, and you will receive your impressions same-day.

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