Custom earplugs are a cut above the kind you would buy in a drug store. They’re designed for those who need a high level of noise reduction.

Here are a few situations where you might want your earplugs custom-fitted to your ears.

For swimming and Showers

Swimming earplugs provide a watertight seal to keep your ears dry when you’re swimming or showering.

Many people who use these types of earplugs have to take special precautions to avoid ear infections, they may have a perforated eardrum or pressure equalization (PE) tubes in the ears to treat chronic infections. These problems are especially common in children.

For music

This might seem counterintuitive, after all, you want to hear the music, and earplugs are supposed to block out sound. But actually, wearing earplugs can be the best thing you could possibly do for your ears.

Professional musicians, for instance, need to preserve their hearing because it’s their livelihood. They also need to hear the music they’re playing clearly on stage. However, they’re also exposed to dangerous levels of amplification on stage.

Many professional musicians solve this problem using earplugs specially designed to filter out dangerous decibel levels of sound, while allowing in more normal sound levels. 

For Sleeping 

Drugstore earplugs can be frustrating if you’re trying to block out sound to get a good night’s sleep. Custom-molded earplugs are both more comfortable and more effective in blocking out sound.

Many people get custom earplugs for sleeping when they have a partner who snores, live in an area with a lot of traffic or other ambient noise, or who travel frequently and need to sleep on planes, trains, and in unfamiliar environments.

We make custom earplugs for a variety of uses. During the process, we’ll make a custom mold of your ear, then send it to a lab that will craft the earplugs. The process typically takes about two weeks, or a week for rush orders.

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Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng is a NY State licensed Doctor of Audiology with over 10 years of experience working with patients of all ages. Part of her inspiration came from watching her grandmother struggle with hearing loss during her golden years.