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NY Hearing Center

Established in 2006 we are a patient-centric audiology practice providing a variety of hearing healthcare services.  

We specialize in hearing assessments, hearing aid evaluations and hearing health education and counseling. Our clinics also fit and dispense sophisticated hearing aids and related devices to suit all types of hearing loss and lifestyles.

We look forward to helping you hear your best!

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NY Hearing Center

Hearing Loss Concerns

Did you know that about seventeen percent of American adults report some form of hearing loss? The symptoms of hearing loss include sounds sounding louder than they should, difficulty hearing in areas with a large amount of background noise or with many people talking, trouble distinguishing higher pitched sounds, and voices sounding slurred, among others. […]

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Proud to be rated 5 Stars on Google!

We are the premier Hearing Care Provider in New York City with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We take pride in the service we provide to our patients and appreciate the feedback they have given us over the years. Find out from our patients why we are rated 5 Stars by 29 reviewers!