28 million adults in the US could benefit from hearing aids, but only 30% of those 70 or older and 16% of those ages 20-69 have ever used them.

A search for “hearing aids near me” can become overwhelming because of the wide range of available options.

Finding the right solution for your hearing loss involves considering several factors. You’ll need to determine what type will fit your lifestyle, offer enough amplification, and fit your budget.

Read on to learn how to find the best hearing aids in Manhattan, NY.

Choosing Hearing Aids In Manhattan NY

Choosing the right hearing aids requires research and personal reflection. Consider factors such as the type and severity of your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and how difficult it is to operate.

All hearing aids have the same basic components, including a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. These parts can be fashioned into a range of styles and types.

Your options include:

ITC and ITE hearing aids are both suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss, but ITC aids are less visible. BTE hearing aids provide better sound amplification but may be more visible.

Once you’ve chosen the right type, consider other factors such as the level of noise reduction, the positioning of the microphone, and whether or not the aid has rechargeable batteries.

If you need two hearing aids, you should have them synchronized. When they’re programmed to function together, you’ll have equal levels of hearing in both ears.

Some hearing aids offer variable programming, Bluetooth connectivity, remote controls, or direct audio input that you can plug into your TV or computer. These features are helpful but increase your final cost.

New York Hearing Center offers a range of hearing aids, and our audiologist Dr. Kathy Feng can recommend the best one for you.

Getting a Hearing Test In NYC

The first step to getting hearing aids in New York is having a licensed audiologist complete a hearing loss test.

Symptoms of hearing loss include muffled speech or sounds, difficulty understanding words, and turning up the volume on the TV or radio. An audiologist can help you determine the cause of these issues.

They’ll begin by looking over your medical history. They’ll also ask if you’ve had head trauma or if anything in your life, such as regular exposure to loud noises, could be affecting your hearing.

The test is conducted in a soundproof booth. You’ll put on headphones and be asked to listen for certain sounds or words.

Your results will either be revealed immediately or sent to your GP. The audiologist will determine if you need hearing aids and recommend the best type and size.

Get a hearing test at one of New York Hearing Center’s two convenient locations for the bests results.

Where to Get the Best Hearing Aids in Manhattan NY

Many citizens need hearing aids in Manhattan, NY after a lifetime of exposure to the sounds of the city. Finding the right one is an important investment for your quality of life.

A licensed audiologist can perform a hearing test to determine whether you need a hearing aid. They can also recommend the best type for your unique situation.

New York Hearing Center can help you find the hearing loss solution you need. Book an appointment today.

Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng

Dr. Kathy Feng is a NY State licensed Doctor of Audiology with over 10 years of experience working with patients of all ages. Part of her inspiration came from watching her grandmother struggle with hearing loss during her golden years.